Researcher & Unit Project
Nicole Anderson
Yamhill County Extension

Investing the use of nitrogen, sulfur, & potassium fertilizers to optimize seed production in red clover crop

Massimo Bionaz
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Acquisition of immune-resistance to urushiol through daily consumption of milk from goat fed poison oak

Gerd Bobe
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Liver fibrosis: A potential reason for the high morbidity & mortality of dairy cows in early lactation 

Gita Cherian
Animal & Rangeland

Enhancing the Nutritive Value of Oil Seeds in Poultry Diets

Reinaldo Cooke

Metabolic imprinting: impact on growth & reproductive development of beef heifers

Alfonso Cuesta-Marcos/Pat Hayes
Crop & Soil Science

Characterization of the Oregon Promise: a unique barley resource for understanding the genetics of malt quality & flavor

Jeremiah Dung
Development of a Molecular Detection Protocol for Ergot in Cool-Season Turf & Forage Grasses Grown for Seed
Todd Einhorn
Developing New Cherry Bud Hardiness Charts to Aid Crop Protection Decisions
Elain Fu
Chemical Engineering
Development of milk-based rapid field test for the high sensitivity detection of Salmonella Dublin infected dairy cattle to expedite disease control on endemically infected dairies

Jean Hall
Vet Med / Biomedical Sciences

Does Feeding Selenium-Fertilized Alfalfa Hay to Pregnant Beef Cows in the third Trimester Increase Passive Absorption of Immunoglobulin G in Newborn Calves & Improve Performance
Stacey Harper
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
A comparative analysis of the fate & transformation of nanotechnology-based pesticides & their conventional formulation
Louisa Hooven
Effect of Nano-Formulated Chlorothalonil Fungicide Products on Honey Bee Development
John Killefer
Animal & Rangeland Sciences
The Potential for Hazelnut Livestock Feed to Improve Meat Quality, Shelf-Life & Nutrition
John Killefer
Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Selenium Fertilized Forage as an Organic Selenium Supplement for Dairy Cattle: Impact on Health & Milk Quality
Alec Kowalewski
Effects of Pseudomonasflurescens WH6 on annual bluegrass emergence in established perennial ryegrass
Jeffrey Leonard
Crop & Soil Science
Creating a physical map of the barley genome using radiation hybrid
Claudia Maier
"Better berries through better metabolism" - Metabolomics of bioactive compounds in berry
Robert Martin
Botany & Plant Pathology - ARS
Development of Blueberry shock virus as a Vector for Delivery of RNAi to Control Spotted Wing Drosophila & Blueberry Scorch Virus in Blueberries
Alfred Menino
Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Modification of the single Lutalyse injection protocol to reduce uterine infections & antibiotic use & improve reproductive efficiency in postpartum cows in and Oregon dairy
Michael Morrissey
Food Innovation Center
Development of Value-Added Food Products from Barley
David Myrold
Crop & Soil Science
Turnover of Proteins as a Controller of Soil Nitrogen Cyclin
Carlos Ochoa
Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Water saving from Juniper removal: Looking at the groundwater response
Ed Peachey
Elucidating the effect of root rot on phosphorus uptake by snap beans
Michael Penner
Food Science & Technology
Inhibition of Discoloration of Minimally Processed Apples & Potatoes Thru the Application of Plant Byproduct Extracts
Sujaya Rao
Crop & Soil Science
Evaluation of an Alternative Pollinator for Oregon Blueberries
Barbara Reed
Improved Mineral Nutrition for Blueberry Mircopropagation
Silvia Rondon
Activating the potato immune system to control Potato Virus Y & Zebra Chip disease
Ramesh Sagili
Evaluating potential of a predatory mite as a biological control agent for honey bee ectoparasite, Varroa mite & testing efficacy of a new miticide (amitraz)
Mahfuzur Sarker
Vet Med/Biomedical Sciences
The inhibitory effects of essential oil against germination & outgrowth of Clostridium perfringensspores in meat products
Vidyasagar Sathuvalli
Breeding for Resistance of Verticillium Wilt of Potato: Identification of Potential Resistant Germplasm
Patricia Skinkis
Activating the potato immune system to control Potato Virus Y & Zebra Chip disease
Yi-Cheng Su
Optimization of Depuration for Eliminating Vibrio parahaemolyticusfrom Oysters
Vaughn Walton
Implementing canopy management & weed mat to control in-season populations of Spotted Wing Drosophila in commercial blueberry field
Solomon Yilma
Crop & Soil Science
Fast-Track Development of Potato Clones with Pure Amylopectin Starch Used in the Paper, Textile and Food Industries by Using Induced Mutation