The following is a listing of definitions and explanations of the various policies and procedures that guide Agricultural Research Foundation (ARF) operations.  Limitations outlined in these policies and procedures stem from ARF’s status as an Oregon nonprofit corporation and the organization’s fiduciary duties under Oregon law, its status as a tax exempt charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code, the terms of the service contract between ARF and Oregon State University (OSU), the terms of the Master Agreements between ARF and the commissions it serves, Oregon Administrative Rules that govern ARF operations, and restrictions placed on funds by donors. The purpose of these policies and procedures is, first and foremost, to ensure that funds provided to ARF are used in a manner that is consistent with these limitations, as well as to prevent fraud. Policies and procedures are listed below.  This page is a work in progress and other materials will be added over time.  These hot-links will direct you to the applicable document or website.

ARF Articles of Incorporation (restated 08-20-18)
ARF Bylaws (as amended 10-26-17)
Contract Funds
Distribution/Reimbursement Policy (03-11-16)
Foreign Travel on ARF Funds
Gift Funds
Incoming Funds Policy (04-15-16)
Oregon State University-ARF MOU
Oregon State University 509 regulations for ARF
Partial Explanation of Other Payroll Expenses (OPE) at OSU
Payment of visa fees for family members
Tips for FA Proposal Preparation