History of the ARF Annual Report Honor Roll

The concept of the ARF Honor Roll started in 2012. Roger Detering, then a board member, died unexpectedly in June. The 2011-12 ARF annual report was being prepared at that time and the board approved inclusion of an article honoring Roger by dedicating the 2013-15 Competitive Grants Program to him. In the 2012-13 report, a similar dedication was made to three ARF founders – William Schoenfeld, R.L. Clark, and Ralph Besse.  In the 2013-14 report, the concept was continued but now under the “ARF Honor Roll” title.  Judge Guy Boyington, another ARF charter member, was honored that year.  In 2014 the board decided to continue the Honor Roll into future annual reports and Bud Weiser agreed to develop a list of possible honorees in cooperation with Dorothy Beaton, Arnold Appleby, Roy Arnold, Phil Walker, and Kelvin Koong.  The stated intent of the effort was to develop a chronological-order list of honorees. This list was to begin with organizational founders and move forward to include deceased board or staff members who played pivotal roles in shaping and sustaining the development of the ARF as it now exists.  Past honor roll articles can be accessed from this page.

ARF Honor Roll

2011-12 - Roger Detering - In Memoriam

2012-13 - William Schoenfeld, R.L. Clark, and Ralph Besse

2013-14 - Judge Guy Boyington

2014-15 - Robert Kerr

2015-16 - Robert Henderson

2016-17 - Richard Henzel

2017-18 - Phillip Walker - In Memoriam