During the COVID-19 outbreak, ARF staff will be working remotely and the office will be closed.  We can be reached via email and phone and we will collect mail (campus and US). 

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ARF Account Holders in the News


HORT Department - The Workers, Farmers and Researchers Left in the Wake of NORPAC's Sale

Neil Shay - Food Science and Technology - Watermelon Pill Helped Health of Obese Mice

Shawn Melenbacher - Horticulture - A Tough Nut to Crack (hazelnuts) - https://www.oregonbusiness.com/article/farms-forests/item/18885-a-tough-nut-to-crack

Ramesh Sagili - Horticulture - Bee Colony Loss - https://www.nrtoday.com/business/agriculture/falling-beehind-bee-colony-loss-reaches-highest-point-in-years/article_e80cb68f-8894-5d71-8a1d-0c8e4f8d9402.html

Andony Melathopoulos - Horticulture - Oregon's Strategic Plan for Bees Creates a Buzz - https://www.registerguard.com/news/20190722/oregons-strategic-plan-for-bees-creates-buzz

Lisbeth Goddik - Food Science and Technology - vodka from whey - http://www.aginfo.net/index.cfm/event/report/id/Washington-State-Farm-Bureau-Report-43144

Pat Hayes - Crop and Soil Science - Tibetan Cereals - https://www.kmuw.org/post/tsampa-tibetan-cereal-helped-spark-uprising

Jeff Clawson - Food Science and Technology - 140 year old beer - https://dcist.com/story/19/06/19/you-can-find-out-what-d-c-beer-tasted-like-nearly-140-years-ago

Amy Garrett - Benton Co Extension - dry gardening - https://www.oregonlive.com/hg/2019/06/trial-gardens-show-vegetables-can-be-grown-without-irrigation.html

Troy Downing - Tillamook Co Extension - Pasture Management Key to Dairy Profits - https://www.capitalpress.com/specialsections/dairy/pasture-management-key-to-dairy-profits/article_82434faa-6d33-11e9-973a-6f42c0e1970d.html

Shleby Walker - Director of the Oregon Sea Grant Program - podcast about Sea Grant - http://www.bossfmradio.net/podcast/oregon-state-sea-grant/

Sarah Masoni - Food Innovation Center - food flavor design - https://www.morganstanley.com/ideas/inventing-flavors-ideas-podcast

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