In 2017, the first Taste of Research event was designed and executed by the graduate students in the Food Science and Technology Department at Oregon State University. This year we are hoping to revive the event for a successful second iteration on May 30th, 2019 in the Memorial Union Ballroom on Oregon State University's campus. We recognize that without the support of the food and biotechnical industries, we would not have the questions and tools that make our research possible. It is our goal to hold an event showcasing the innovative research and hard work of the graduate students and faculty in the department who are striving to answer the questions being asked by the food industry of today. During Taste of Research, graduate students will present their research alongside faculty in an attempt to educate and spark future collaborations with attendees from departments across campus. We are hoping to make this a memorable and successful event that can occur annually in the future, and are asking for donations to support our cause. All sponsors will be acknowledged according to donation quantity, with details visible on our website. Thank you for being loyal stakeholders, we greatly appreciate your support and look forward to working with you.