Places high-caliber junior and senior undergraduate students from around the country with Oregon-based host organizations (public agency, non-profit, non-governmental) to provide students with hands-on experience under the mentorship of a career professional.

The Summer Scholars Program encourages student success during and after their internship by cultivating an inclusive environment, creating a broad professional network in the marine field, offering professional development opportunities with an emphasis on science communication, and fostering a supportive mentor/mentee relationship.

This program places paid interns along Oregon’s coast to assist partners with field work, lab work, analyses, research, policy development, and/or outreach and public engagement efforts. Oregon Sea Grant administers the program through various agency and non-profit partnerships, including with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Environmental Protection Agency, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance and Oregon State University.

Your donation will go towards program management and student’s stipends/modest travel support during their full-time, ten-week internship.