Donate to support the development of sustainable food supply at the 9th International IPM Symposium to be held in Baltimore, Maryland during March 19-22, 2018.

Our laboratory is organizing a symposium at the above meeting titled “Drosophila suzukii management: What have researchers from Asia, Europe, and Americas been spotting?”

Your donation will help support a pool of diverse international researchers to share their knowledge of D. suzukii at this meeting.

Donations go to the OSU Agricultural Research Foundation and will be used to support scientist travel expenses to this important meeting. Become a supporter and contribute to sustainable agriculture! Our laboratory has several focus areas including: 

  • An increased awareness of integrated pest management.
  • Development of sustainable tools to control agricultural pests
  • Decreased dependence on conventional control methods in the food supply.
  • Inform growers, industry, academia and students of new and diverse perspectives in pest management