Researchers:  Taal Levi and Ellen Dymit

The Levi Lab at Oregon State University has ongoing projects focused on the ecology and conservation of elusive and imperiled carnivores. Our work includes field data collection, and the combination of genetics and mathematical modeling to produce applied science for conservation and management. We work collaboratively with an international network on scientists, managers, and NGOs on active research and conservation projects including long term projects on:

  1. Coastal wolves in the Alexander Archipelago of Alaska and the coasts of Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks with a special focus on how they interact with sea otters
  2. Aquatic jaguars in the Brazilian Pantanal that feed on fish and caiman
  3. Imperiled Humboldt marten on the Oregon coast that we have demonstrated are now very rare and in need of Endangered Species Act protection
  4. Cranivore and Scarlett Macaw ecology and conservation in the Northern Guatemala portion of the Maya Biosphere Reserve

Help support our collection and analysis of data to better understand how these animals interact with their environment, with other species, and what humans can do to maintain or increase their populations.