Researcher & Unit Project

Nicole Anderson
Yamhill County Extension

Developing New Approaches to Seed Weevil Management in White Crops

Jeff Anderson
Botany and Plant Pathology

Investigate Host Plant-Sensing Mechanisms of the Fire Blight Bacterial Pathogen Erwinia amylovora

Serkan Ates
Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Evaluation of seasonal and varietal differences in sesquiterpene lactone and condensed tannin concentrations and compositions of chicory leaves and roots as natural anthelmintics

Massimo Bionaz
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Can we improve the health and performance of lambs by feeding chicory and organic selenium compared to the typical one-time injection of inorganic selenium?

Susanne Brander
Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station - Newport

The role of biosolids from wastewater utilities in the fate, transport, and effects of microplastics in Oregon agriculture

Kristine Buckland
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Developing a New Technology to Protect Brassica Crops from Cabbage Maggot Feeding Damage

Man-yeon Choi

Identification of chemosensory genes associated with thrips pheromone components

Ryan Contreras

Optimizing propagation and production of Amur maples through cutting and micropropagation to facilitate introducing sterile, disease resistant cultivars

Melanie Davis
Fisheries and Wildlife

Improving outcomes for hatchery-reared Chinook salmon through microbiome monitoring and enhancement

Sandra DeBano
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center

Investigating the Potential for Cover-Crops to Enhance Native Bee Habitat in Cherry Orchards

Seth Dorman
Crop & Soil Science

Identification and field evaluation of a pheromone lure to monitor a critical pest in grass seed crops: the winter cutworm (Noctua pronuba)

Jeremiah Dung
Central Oregon Ag Research and Extension Center

Developing Population Biology Resources for the Integrated Management of Fusarium Bulb Rot in Oregon and U.S. Garlic Production

Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

Evaluation of health effects and toxicity mechanisms of two water contaminants derived from road runoff in salmon species

Amy Garrett
Benton County Extension

Drought tolerant bush dry bean evaluation and cultivar release through OSU and Open Source Seed Initiative

Aymeric Goyer
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center

Toward a sustainable management of potato virus Y: investigating the genetics that determine tolerance in potato

Jean Hall
Veterinary Medicine

Does selenium supplementation of beef cattle during different trimesters of pregnancy differentially affect newborn calf muscle by changing DNA methylation?

Gerrad Jones
Biological and Ecological Engineering

Chemical Health Indices: bringing aquatic ecosystem health monitoring to the 21st century

Navneet Kaur
Crop and Soil Science

Symphylan control in vegetable seed crops

Chal Landgren
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Can we improve Christmas tree seedling growth and survival?

Scott Lukas
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center

Soil organic carbon dynamics in response to various organic amendments in permeable soils

Rory McDonnell
Crop and Soil Science

Field assessment of the relative attractiveness of novel lures for the key slug pest, Deroceras reticulatum

Ian McGregor
KBREC Experiment Station

Evaluation of deficit irrigation water management strategies of orchardgrass for agricultural communities with variable annual water supply

Brigid Meints
Crop and Soil Science

Breeding Organic Dry Beans for Western Oregon

Andony Melathopoulos

Bee friendly farming in Oregon wine grapes 

Amber Moore
Crop and Soil Science

Seasonal application timing, soil type, and fertilizer source effects on the plant availability of elemental sulfur based fertilizers

Marcelo Moretti

Reducing Labor and Herbicides in Hazelnut Sucker Control

Tala Navab-Daneshmand
School of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering

A chemical forensics approach to assessing soil ecosystems health following biosolids soil amendments

Yan Ping Qian
Crop and Soil Science

Polyphenols from Agricultural Waste Products as Reactive Carbon to Improve Agriculture Sustainability Through Mediation of Soil Microbial Population

Ruijun Qin
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center

Agronomic and Environmental Impacts of Enriched Biochar to Potato Production in the Columbia Basin Region

Juliana Ranches
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Burns

Characterization of Greenhouse Gases Emissions of Beef Cattle Grazing Rangelands in Oregon

Hannah Rivedal
Botany and Plant Pathology

Evaluating yellow dwarf virus effects on Oregon's grass seed production

Chris Schachtschneider
Umatilla County Extension

Applying Cover Crop and Grazing Practices to the PNW: A proof of concept study

Carla Schubiger
Fisheries and Wildlife

Effects of Temperature on Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Oysters

Lane Selman

Effects of Grafting on Flavor and Fruit Quality of Dry Farmed Tomatoes

Patricia Skinkis

How do common vineyard floor management practices affect soil health?

John Spring
Central Oregon Ag Research Center

Effect of reduced fall irrigation on seed yield of established Kentucky bluegrass stands in Central Oregon

Alex Stone

Evaluating the potential for Willamette Valley processed tomato production

Abigail Tomasek
Crop and Soil Science
Optimizing Manure Applications for Water Quality and Soil Erosion

Elizabeth Tomasino
Food Science and Technology

Chemical amelioration of smoky sensory characteristics on smoke-affected wine using protein methyltransferase

Kristin Trippe
Crop and Soil Science

Quantifying the relationship between tile drainage, carbon storage, and water quality in grass seed cropping systems.

Timothy Warren

An integrated, automated approach to studying bumblebee movement and crop preference

Nik Wiman
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Colonization of hazelnut by entomopathogenic fungi to enhance resistance to insect pests

Inga Zasada
Botany and Plant Pathology

Optimization of survey methods for Anguina spp. of forage grass seed production in Oregon