Researcher & Unit Project

Christopher Adams
Mid-Columbia Research & Extension Center

Development of monitoring tools and thresholds for natural enemies in pear systems

Nicole Anderson
Yamhill County Extension

Pushing the yield barrier in red clover seed crops

Sergio Arispe
Malheur County Extension

Towards Precision Agriculture for the Oregon Cattle Industry & Beyond: GPS & Accelerometer Sensors to Communicate Near-Real Time Cattle Behavioral Data

Serkan Ates
Animal & Rangeland Science

Developing molecular markers to identify glyphosate-resistant weed seeds in cool-season grass seed lots

Judit Barroso
Columbia Basin Ag Research Center

Evaluation of weed competition after harvest through soil water relations



Jeff Chang
Botany & Plant Pathology

Genomic Epidemiology: Revolutionizing Plant Disease Diagnostics for Oregon’s Growers

Man-Yeon Choi

Bioactive proteins to develop biological-based molluscicides to control pest slugs

Lia Danelishvili
Veterinary Medicine

Immunomodulatory and Vaccine Potential of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Novel Antigens

Joseph Davidson
Mechanical, Industial, & Manufacturing Engineering

A Prototype Robot for Sorting Seed

Sandra DeBano
Hermiston Ag Research Center

Eastern Oregon Beneficial Invertebrate Database Project: Compiling Long‐Term Datasets on Native Bees to Advance Research and Extension

Jennifer Duringer
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

Method validation for measurement of cannabinoids in fat from livestock samples generated from projects investigating use of hemp as a feed source

Bryan Endress
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Union

Monitoring and Restoration of Ecologically and Culturally Important Rangeland Resources 

Brian Fronk
Mechanical, Industial, & Manufacturing Engineering

Investigation of Energy Efficient Drying Practices in the Pacific Northwest Hop Industry

Kelsey Galimba
Mid-Columbia Research & Extension Center

Developing molecular markers to determine dormancy status in Pacific Northwest cherry cultivars

Jean Hall
Veterinary Medicine

Does selenium supplementation of beef cattle during pregnancy positively impact immune cell gene expression at parturition?

Glenn Howe
Forest Ecosystems & Society

Tools for genomic breeding in western white pine: Improving resistance to white pine blister rust

Navneet Kaur
Crop & Soil Science

Leveraging innovative insect pest management approaches for the management of red clover casebearer moth in Oregon’s clover seed crops

Jovana Kovacevic
Food Innovation Center

Method development for Listeria monocytogenes profiling to assist the food industry with controlling transient and persistent contamination reservoirs: an artisan cheese facility case study

Alec Kowalewski

Exploitation of a Novel Source of Endophyte-Mediated Disease Resistance to Improve Cool-Season Turfgrass Species

Michelle Kutzler
Animal & Rangeland Science

Developing a novel contraceptive vaccine against SPRASA for use in wild horses

Alexander Levin
Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center

Ground-truthing Satellite-based Water Use Efficiency Estimates for Oregon Vineyards

Dani Lightle
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Evaluation of Bait Station Devices for Novel Cabbage Maggot Management Approach

Stephen Machado
Columbia Basin Ag Research Center

Effects of long-term tillage managements on nutrient stratification in wheat-pea systems: Implications for soil health indicator identification

Andony Melathopoulos

Survey of commercial blue orchard bee (Osmia lignaria) stocks in Oregon for exotic bees and arthropod parasites and predators

Marcelo Moretti

Electric Weed Control in Blueberry

Hong Moulton
Veterinary Medicine

Control of Vibriosis in Oyster Aquaculture Through Antisense Inhibition of lpxC Expression

Lloyd Nackley
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Soilless wasabi production to innovate an important niche crop

Cynthia Ocamb
Botany & Plant Pathology

Powdery Mildew Risk Associated with Hemp Production in Western Oregon

Juliana Ranches
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Burns

Effects of biotin and vitamin B12 supplementation on performance of beef cows and their calves

James Rivers
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management

An experimental evaluation of simulated climate change on population vital rates of a managed pollinator

Silvia Rondon
Hermiston Ag Research Center

Assessing Genetic Material to Colorado Potato Beetle Using Traditional and Modern Science

Luisa Santamaria
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Battling Bothersome Botrytis: Investigating Alternative Cultural Control Methods for Ornamental Crops

Carla Schubiger
Veterinary Medicine

Effects of Climate Change on Dungeness Crab

Fred Stevens
College of Pharmacy

Protective function of Meadowfoam natural products and their derivatives against UV radiation on human skin pigment producing melanocytes: utilization as health-enhancing additives to cosmetic formulations

Christy Tanner
Linn County Extension

Quantifying vole damage to Willamette valley seed crops with aerial imagery

Guojie Wang
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Union

Irrigation and Seed Mixture Effects on Fall Seeded Winter Grasses and Legumes in Eastern Oregon: Extending Grazing Season in Early Spring

Meagan Wengrove
Civil & Construction Engineering

Exploring foredune restoration strategies with native and invasive plants to guide management practices on the Oregon coast

Nik Wiman
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Dietary routing of fatty acids as a mechanism to understand host use by Samurai wasp

David Wooster
Hermiston Ag Research Center

Eastern Oregon Beneficial Invertebrate Database Project: Compiling Long‐Term Datasets on Aquatic Invertebrates to Advance Research and Extension

Don Wysocki
Umatilla County Extension

Developing applied nitrogen recommendations and nutrient extraction and uptake curves for industrial hemp grown for grain