Researcher & Unit Project

Ivan Arismendi
Fisheries and Wildlife

Understanding the status of an endemic Oregon fish to inform best agricultural management practices

Serkan Ates
Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Lamb growth, grazing behavior and welfare in agrivoltaic systems

Massimo Bionaz
Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Legume hay with high bioactive compounds and organic selenium to improve the transition from pregnancy to lactation using sheep as animal model

Cecily Bishop
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Increasing vitamin D levels to improve fertilization rates in cattle

Cassie Bouska
Coos County Extension

Fruit Cracking in Cranberry

Caio Brunharo
Crop & Soil Science

Developing molecular markers to identify glyphosate-resistant weed seeds in cool-season grass seed lots

Kristie Buckland
Horticulture - North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Improving soil health and hardpan layers with crop system management

Frank Chaplen
Biological and Ecological Engineering

Genomic Characterization and Modeling of Second Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) (Wood-Chip Bioreactor) at Oregon State University Experimental Farm in Corvallis to Facilitate Development of Best Management Practices for Oregon Agriculture. 

Taylor Chapple
COMES - Newport

Determining the role of Salmon Shark (Lamna ditropis) feeding ecology on salmon stocks in Oregon

Man-Yeon Choi

Biologically based thrips management for Oregon nursery

Joseph Davidson
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Towards Robotic Pruning of Trellised Cherry Systems

Jeremiah Dung
Central Oregon Ag Research and Extension Center

Development of a field-deployable assay for detecting ergot spores in grass seed production systems

Jennifer Duringer
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

Nutritional and potency characterization of hemp as a possible feed source for livestock

Javier Fernandez-Salvador
Marion County Extension

Optimizing Lighting in Tabletop Substrate Systems for Improved Yield and Photosynthetic Efficiency in Off-season Oregon Strawberry Production

Amy Garret
Benton County Extension

Breeding for climate and ecology: Improvement of a local dent corn variety for dry farming and plant microbiome research

Aymeric Goyer
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center

Improving detection of PVY-infected plants with innovative peptide application

Christina Hagerty
Columbia Basin Ag Research Center

Hemp cover cropping for dryland wheat farmers: opportunities for disease suppression and increased yield

Chad Higgins
Biological & Ecological Engineering

Reclaiming Agricultural Land below Solar Power Installations

Xue Jin
Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering

Nutrients and Clean Water Recovery from Agriculture Waste for Sustainable Food Production

Gerrad Jones
Biological & Ecological Engineering

Quantifying Chemical Habitat Suitability of Aquatic Species Assemblages

Navneet Kaur
Crop and Soil Science

Biology and ecology of the winter cutworm, Noctua pronuba (Lepidoptera: Nocutidae) in grass seed production systems

Jovana Kovacevic
Food Innovation Center

Generating new insights into antibiotic and sanitizer resistance development in Listeria species isolated from produce handling and processing environments in the Pacific Northwest

Michelle Kutzler
Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Investigating the prevalence of honey bee bacterial diseases and Improving beekeeper access to antibiotics by expanding veterinarians’ knowledge base

Dani Lightle
North Willamette Research and Extension Center

Evaluating Alternatives to Chlorpyrifos in Grass Seed Production Systems

Scott Lukas
Hermiston Ag Research and Extension Center

Impact of Temperature, Ozone and Feedstock on Biochar Produced to Improve Soil Characteristics for Blueberry Systems in Eastern Oregon

Walt Mahaffee
Botany and Plant Pathology

Development of a mealybug-detecting biosensor for the protection of Oregon’s wine industry

Ian McGregor

Evaluation of interseeding annual grain species into established perennial pasture to cope with unexpected drought and its effect on the existing pasture

Andony Melathopoulos

Evaluation of methods for statewide survey of bumble bee populations

Amber Moore
Crop and Soil Science

Plant nutrient availability of municipal biosolids produced in the PNW

Marcelo Moretti

Developing a Natural Liquid Mulches as Polyethylene Alternative

Ryan Mueller

Probiotic solutions to improve Pacific oyster larvae growth and development

Cynthia Ocamb
Botany and Plant Pathology

Evaluation of UV-C Seed Treatments for Controlling Seedborne Pathogens

Matthew Powers
Forest Engineering & Resources & Management

Investigating thinning intensity impacts on tradeoffs between drought adaptation, stand productivity, and understory tree growth in Douglas-fir plantations

Juliana Ranches
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Burns

Mineral supplementation of pre-weaned calves: What is the current recommendation?

Luisa Santamaria
North Willamette Research and Extension Center

Marvelous Microalgae: The Role of Photosynthetic Microorganisms in the Biology of Nursery Retention Pond Water

Thomas Shellhammer
Food Science and Technology

The regional identity of hops grown in the Willamette Valley, a collaborative study with Coleman Agriculture

John Spring
Central Oregon Ag Research and Extension Center

Presence and Distribution of Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Central Oregon Carrot Seed Production

Susan Tilton
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
A Novel In Vitro Model to Assess Phytochemical Intervention In Respiratory Disease

Desiree Tullos
Biological and Ecological Engineering

Innovative tools for understanding triggers and mitigation of Harmful Algal Blooms

Chet Udell
Biological and Ecological Engineering

Using Multi-Spectral Imaging for Real-Time Weed Control in Fallow Fields

Betsy Verhoeven
Marion County Extension

Tracking nitrogen fertilizer fate in tall fescue production

Sugae Wada

Validating the model medium formulations for a wider range of blueberry cultivars

Vaughn Walton

Red Blotch virus and insect vectors: DNA-sequence based identification and occurrence of Red Blotch virus insect vectors in Oregon vineyards

Guojie Wang
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Union

Long-term Forage Production of Perennials Effects on Soil Health under Limited and Competing Water Resources in Eastern Oregon

Dana Warren
Fisheries and Wildlife

Evaluating riparian buffer alternatives and their influence on fish and food webs in western Oregon headwater ecosystems

Timothy Warren

Testing the long-distance dispersal capacity of spotted-wing Drosophila

Nik Wiman
North Willamette Research and Extension Center

Nontarget effects of the samurai wasp on native stink bugs when used for biological control of the brown marmorated stink bug in field settings

Inga Zasada
Botany and Plant Pathology
Development of a nematicide efficacy monitoring assay for the plant-parasitic nematodes Meloidogyne hapla and Pratylenchus penetrans