Researcher & Unit Project

Serkan Ates
Animal & Rangeland Science

Milk and Forage Production from Mixed or Spatially Separated Simple and Diverse Pastures

Susanne Brander
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

The potential for marine plastic ingestion in a commercial fishery

Kristin Buckland
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Quinoa Varieties and Planting Dates for the Willamette Valley

Steve Castagnoli
Mid-Columbia Ag Research & Extension Center

Implementing alternative management techniques for Spotted Wing Drosophila in cherry orchards.

Gita Cherian
Animal & Rangeland Science

Nutritional strategies for mitigating breast meat myopathies in meat-type broiler chickens 

Man-Yeon Choi
Horticulture - ARS

Identification of antennal odorant receptors for biological targets to control Spotted Wing Drosophila

Lia Danelishvili
College of Veterinary Medicine

Discovery of Novel Secreted Antigens of Mycobacterium aviumsubsp. paratuberculosis as Biomarkers for Johne's Disease

Theo Dreher

Assessment of the entry of toxic cyanobacteria from lake blooms into irrigation waters

Jeremiah Dung
Central Oregon Ag Research Center

Development of Epidemiological Models for IPM of Bacterial Blight in Carrot Seed Crops

Zhenxing Feng
School of Chemical, Biological & Ecological Engineering

From Wastewater Materials to High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries

Elain Fu
School of Chemical, Biological &Ecological Engineering

Paper-based Sensor for the Detection of Arsenic in Agricultural Water Sources 

Christina Hagerty
Columbia Basin Ag Research Center

Are new SDHI fungicides worth the higher price for controlling stripe rust of wheat?

Kimberly Halsey

Volatile organic compound production during summer algal blooms in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon

Claudia Hase
College of Veterinary Medicine

Development of a zebrafish infection model for Coldwater Disease and investigation of the route of infection and the role of leukocytes in Coldwater disease and Columnaris Disease

Louisa Hooven

Novel Delivery Method for Insecticidal Proteins

Ken Johnson
Botany & Plant Pathology

Diagnosis and control of winter squash storage rots in the Willamette Valley, OR

Jung Kwon
Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station -  Astoria

Utilization of crustacean shells as a source of natural astaxanthin with anti-obesity effect

Jung Kwon
Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station -  Astoria

Efficacy of sea vegetable dulse as a prebiotic crop for metabolic health 

Scott Lukas
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center

Reducing Water and Nitrate Losses in Onion Production Systems of the Lower Umatilla Basin

Marcelo Moretti

Weed control in Organic Blueberry using saturated-steam and organic herbicides

Christopher Mundt
Botany & Plant Pathology

Microbiome-Mediated Resistance of Wheat to the Take-All Disease

Ganti Murthy
Biological & Ecological Engineering

Exploring nutrient recovery and reuse from nursery wastewater treatment using an algal and biochar based approach

Ganti Murthy
Biological & Ecological Engineering

Potential of algal biomass as biofertilizer for nurseries

Si Hong Park
Food Science & Technology

Development of rapid molecular detection methods for foodborne pathogens in fresh produce cultivated in Oregon 

Manoj Pastey
College of Veterinary Medicine

Development of a Rapid, Sensitive and Specific Probe-based Real-Time PCR for the Detection of Chronic bee paralysis virus, Sacbrood virus and Chalkbrood in honeybees

Silvia Rondon
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center

Effect of Colorado potato beetle control on beneficials and alternative management strategies 

Ramesh Sagili

Understanding and improving honey bee nutrition to mitigate colony losses

Virginia Stockwell
Botany & Plant Pathology

RNAseq‐guided identification of genes for production of a novel antimicrobial by the biocontrol agent Pseudomonas fluorescens A506 

Kelly Vining

Varietal Improvement in Mint Using Chromosome Doubling

Vaughn Walton

Two products to reduce Spotted Wing Drosophila egg laying in strawberry and caneberry

Tracy Wilson
Central Oregon Ag Research Center

Balancing Yield And Forage Quality In Orchardgrass Hay

Nik Wiman
North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Establishing fertilizer guidelines for non-bearing hazelnut trees