Researcher & Unit Project
Jeff Anderson
Botany & Plant Pathology

Suppressing Virulence Factor Production by the Plant Pathogen Pseudomonas syringae Using Natural Plant-Derived Metabolites

Nicole Anderson
Yamhill County Extension

Spring-applied nitrogen and plant growth regulator effects on seed yield in orchard grass

Judit Barrosa
Columbia Basin Ag Research Center

Evaluation of Occurrence of Glyphosate Resistant Russian Thistle (Salsola tragus) in Northeastern Oregon

Nahla Bassil
Horticulture - ARS

Assessment of Aphid Resistance in Black Raspberry Germplasm and Development of Trait associated Molecular Markers for Breeding Improvement

William Buhrig
Malheur County Extension

Can quinoa be a reliable alternative crop in Malheur County?

Tom Chastain
Crop & Soil Sciences

Development of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy methods for rapid seed moisture testing in grass seed crops

Gita Cherian
Animal & Rangeland Science
Identification of Early Protein Markers Expressed by Ovarian and Oviductal Surface Epithelial Neoplasias in Laying Hens (Gallus domesticus)
Man-Yeon Choi
Horticulture - ARS
Screening of RNAi Targets to Develop a Novel RNAi-based control method for spotted wing drosophila
Man-Yeon Choi
Horticulture - ARS
Development of RNAi-based bio pesticide to control slugs on agricultural crops

Reinaldo Cooke

Impacts of Post-Weaning Growth Rate on Reproductive Development and Maternal Ability (milk production) of Replacement Beef Heifers
Scott Duggan
Central Oregon Ag Research Center
Effect of Clipping Heights on Yield and Quality of Simulated Management Intensive Grazing of Irrigated Pasture
Jeremiah Dung
Central Oregon Ag Research Center
Characterizing the Incidence and Distribution of Bacterial Blight Infestation in Individual Carrot Seeds: Can One Bad Seed Spoil the Whole Seed Lot?
Ken Frost
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center
Molecular Diet Analysis of Insects That Vector Vegetable Pathogens
Stephen Good
Biological & Ecological Engineering
Assessment of Crop Water Use Through Stable Isotope Analysis
Fritzi Grevstad
Botany & Plant Pathology
Developing a risk index to guide regulatory decisions in biological control for weeds
Jean Hall
College of Veterinary Medicine
Does Feeding Selenium-Enriched Alfalfa Hay for Eight Weeks Improve Performance and Health of Weaned Beef Calves?
Chal Landgren
 North Willamette Research & Extension Center
Evaluating newer, "softer", and biological aphid control products on Christmas trees
Jared LeBoldus
Botany & Plant Pathology
A Test Case for Improving Disease Resistance Breeding in Trees
Lesley Morris
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Union
Informing Fire Management Decisions for Control of Ventenata dubia in Oregon
Lesley Morris
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Union
Does Soil Conditioning Contribute to the Invasion of Ventenata dubia in Oregon?
Ed Peachey
Improving Efficiency and Profitability in Winter Squash Production in Western Oregon: The Case of Deficit Irrigation
Michael Qian
Food Science & Technology
Development of Colorimetric Sensor Arrays Based on Conjugated Electrospun Fibers for Rapid Evaluation of Food Quality
Stuart Reitz
Malheur County Extension
Internal dry scale and associated bulb rots of onion: an emerging threat to Oregon onion producers
Sagar Sathuvalli
Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center
Breeding for resistance to Columbia root knot nematode: Identification of new sources of resistance
Thomas Sharpton
The Role of the Salmon Gut Microbiome in Resisting Parasitic Infection
Alex Stone
Improving irrigation efficiency and profitability in winter squash production in Western Oregon: the case of deficit irrigation.
Alex Stone
Growing the Hull-less Pumpkin Seed Industry in Oregon: Identifying High Yielding Cultivars for Current and Future Markets
Bernadine Strik
Mulching Practices to Improve Plant Growth, Water Savings, and Soil Organic Matter Content During Establishment of Highbush Blueberry
Clare Sullivan
Linn County Extension
Are current recommendations too high? Examining nitrogen fertilizer needs of dry field peas in the Willamette Valley
Fiona Tomas-Nash
Fisheries and Wildlife
Relationships of Shellfish Culture and Seagrass Habitats in Oregon Estuaries: Quantification of Impacts and Functional Roles for Regulatory Purposes
Vaughn Walton
Determining Baseline Levels of Systemic Insecticides in Fruit, Pollen and Nectar of Blueberry
Guojie Wang
Eastern Oregon Ag Research Center - Union
Cover Crops After Forage Winter Triticale: Species Selection, Forage Production and Quality and Irrigation Requirement in Eastern Oregon
David Williams
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
Phytochemical Supplement form Cruciferous Vegetables and Protection of the Fetus form Exposure to Carcinogens: Role of Long Non-Coding RNAs
Tracy Wilson
Central Oregon Ag Research Center
Utilizing Cover Crops in Carrot Seed Production
Nik Wiman
Berms for Hazelnut Plantings: A Potential Modernization With Implications for Improved Production