Researcher & Unit Project
Nicole Anderson
Yamhill County Extension

Plant Growth Regulator Effects on Crimson Clover & White Clover Seed Production

Sergio Arispe
Malheur County Extension

Enhancing the Nutritive Value of Dry Forages by Ensiling With Onion Slurry: An Unconventional Strategy to Create Alternative Feedstuffs for Beef Cattle

Luis Bermudez
College of Veterinary Medicine

Development of Vaccine for Johne's Disease

Gerd Bobe
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Sequestering the Stink: Using Duckweed as a Component of an Animal Waste Management System to Reduce Objectionable Odors and Recycle Nutrients

Peter Bottomley
Crop & Soil Sciences

New Strategies to Reduce the Rate of Nitrification of Fertilizer N by a Combination of Selective Microbial Inhibition and Use of Organic and Slow Release N Fertilizers

David Bryla
Horticulture - ARS

Benefits of Humic Acids for Production of Berry Crops

William Buhrig
Malheur County Extension
Can Pumpkins be Grown for Snack Seed Purposes in Malheur County?
Marvin Butler
Investigation of Predator Mite in Carrot Grown for Seed for Control of Two-Spotted Spider Mite
Tom Chastain
Crop & Soil Sciences
Seed Shattering - A Key Constraint to Seed Yield in Perennial Ryegrass Seed Production

Reinaldo Cooke

Effects of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acid Supplementation to Late-Gestation Cows on Performance & Health Responses of the Subsequent Offspring
Reinaldo Cooke
Impacts of Stocking Density on Welfare & Productivity of Replacement Beef Heifers
Jennifer Field
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
Determination of the Occurrence of Select Pesticides and Metabolic Derivatives in Finished Wine, Juice, Nectar (bee & flower) and Pollen
Jean Hall
Biomedical Sciences
Is Periparturient Immunosuppression in Beef Cows Attenuated by Feeding Selenium-Fertilized Alfalfa Hay in the Third Trimester?
Andrew Hulting
Crop & Soil Science
Expansion of Scouringrush (Equisetum hyemale): Control in Winter Wheat & Chemical Fallow Cropping Systems
John Killefer
Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Hops Byproducts as Natural Sources of Antimicrobials for Meat Production
Markus Kleber
Crop & Soil Science
Biochar as a Cover for Dairy Manure Lagoons: Combining Odor Control with Nutrient Capture
Jana Lee
Horticulture - ARS
Assessing the Influence of Biological & Environmental Parameters on Dispersal Potential of Drosophila Suzukii, an Economically Damaging Invasive Pest of Oregon Fruit Crops
Stephen Machado
Columbia Basin Ag Research Center
Developing Sustainable Dryland Winter Wheat Production Systems Using Cover Crops in Pacific Northwest
Carol Mallory-Smith
Crop & Soil Science
Analyzing Semiochemical Properties of a Noxious Weed and a Specialist Herbivore to Enhance Weed Control in Perennial Cropping Systems
Jeffrey Miller
Monitoring Local Parasitoids of Invasive Spotted Wing Drosophila
Ganti Murthy
Biological & Ecological Engineering
Evaluation of Hydrothermal Liquefaction for Biofuels Production from Algal Biomass & Landfill Leachate Sludge
Jim Myers
Identifying Clubroot Resistance Germplasm for use in PNW Brassica Production
Cynthia Ocamb
Botany & Plant Pathology
Seed Treatment for Controlling Seedborne Black Leg in Brassica Crops
Ed Peachey
Improving Winter Cover Crop Establishment in Sweet Corn Production in the Willamette Valley
Sujaya Rao
Crop & Soil Science
Oregon Crop Pollinators: Evaluation of Pollen Carrying Capacity and Crop Loyalty for Yield Enhancement
Walt Ream
Improved Biological Control of Crown Gall Disease on Nursery Plants
Ramesh Sagili
Evaluating Effects of Agrochemicals on Honey Bee Colonies Pollinating Oregon Crops
Luisa Santamaria
North Willamette Research & Extension Center
Efficacy of Substrate Calcium Amendments for Control of Phytophthora Root Rot in Ornamental Crops

Clint Shock
Malheur Experiment Station

Improving Irrigation Efficiency Through Easy Acquisition of Soil Moisture Data
Bernadine Strik
Targeted Application of Calcium to Berry Fruit to Increase Firmness for Fresh and Processed Markets
Vaughn Walton
Identifying Lethal Temperatures Targeting Immature Life Stage Control of Spotted Wing Drosophila
Nik Wiman
Evaluating Candidate Feeding Deterrents for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug as an Alternative Management Strategy
North Willamette Research & Extension Center
Fresh Market Blueberry Quality Evaluation Following Mechanical Harvesting With a Hand-Held Harvesting Aid