Researcher & Unit Project
Nicole Anderson
Yamhill County Extension

Determining distribution and monitoring for potential crop damage caused by the newly detected clover casebearer moth, Coleophora deauratella, in Oregon clover grown for seed crops

Alan Bakalinsky
Food Science & Technology

Renewable biodiesel from crop residues

Peter Bottomley

Influence of ammonia oxidizing Thaumarchaea on N fertilizer use efficiency

Tom Chastain
Crop & Soil Science

Sinapsis alba: A Multipurpose Rotation Crop for the Willamette Valley

Gita Cherian
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Controlling Oxidative Stress to Enhance Hatchability and Chick Quality 

David Gent
Botany & Plant Pathology - ARS
A Virulent Strain of the Powdery Mildew Fungus Threatens the Oregon Hop Industry
Jean Hall
Vet Med / Biomedical Sciences
How does prior selenium supplementation of calves affect immune biomarkers in the feedlot?

Scott Heppell
Fisheries & Wildlife

Do Oregon's marine reserves provide fishery benefits through the export of fish larvae?
Chris Langdon
Coastal OR Marine Expt Station - Newport
Analyses of oyster spat pathogenic Vibrio species
Carol Mallory-Smith
Crop & Soil Sciences
Developing methods to improve efficiency of Tyta luctuosa, a biological control agent of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis)
Alfred Menino
Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Application of a single Lutalyse injection protocol to reduce uterine infections and antibiotic use and improve reproductive efficiency in postpartum cows in an Oregon dairy
Jeffrey Miller
Environmental adaptation and competition between the imported parasitoid, Trissolcus halyomorphae and the native Trissolcus parasitoids attacking eggs of Halyomorpha halys, the brown marmorated stinkbug
Michael Morrissey
Food Innovation Center
Sensory evaluation of hazelnuts treated for microbial reduction
Manoj Pastey
College of Vet Med
Detection of multiple-viruses in bovine respiratory specimens by real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR): Validation of bovine respiratory panel RT-PCR test in clinical samples
Ed Peachey
Enhanced efficiency fertilizer technologies for improved production in sweet corn
Michael Penner
Food Science & Technology
Alkali processing with caustic recovery for enhanced digestibility of roughages
Sujaya Rao
Crop & Soil Science
Auto-dissemination strategy for management of red clover seed crop pest with insect pathogen
Stuart Reitz
Malheur County Extension
Insecticide Resistance Monitoring in Onion Thrips - Helping to Make the Best Use of What We've Got
Daniel Rockey
College of Vet Med
Culture and genomic analysis of Chlamydia abortus strains from Oregon
Ramesh Sagili
Understanding colony level prevalence and intensity of honey bee gut parasite, Nosema ceranae and investigating effects of colony nutrition on persistence of Nosema in honey bee colonies
Mahfuzur Sarker
College of Vet Med
Inactivation of Clostridium perfringens spores adhered onto stainless steel surfaces by Clean-In-Place (CIP) procedure
Richard Smiley
Soil borne Plant Pathogens in Long-Term Experiments and Fields at Pendleton
Alexandra Stone
Management of clubroot in cabbage family crops
Bernadine Strik
Leaf nutrient concentrations for blueberry cultivars grown in Oregon -- development of standards for comparison
Elizabeth Tomasino
Food Science & Technology
Investigating "Reductive Aromas" in Oregon Pinot Noir Wine; Comparison and Quantitation of Aromatic Compounds in Non-Reductive Wines Throughout the Winemaking Process
Joy Waite-Cusic
Food Science & Technology
Production Practices and Prevalence of Salmonella on Chicken Carcasses processed in Facilities Exempt from the Federal Poultry Products Inspection Act
Darrin Walenta
Union County Extension
A new threat to northeastern Oregon certified seed & commercial potato production - Zebra chip and the Potato Psyllid
Vaughn Walton
Using berry skin-building sprayables to increase blueberry firmness in order to prevent Spotted Wing Drosophila attack
Jerry Weiland
Botany & Plant Pathology - ARS
Implementing canopy management & weed mat to control in-season populations of Spotted Wing Drosophila in commercial blueberry field
David Wooster
Timing of pesticide applications: Determining the best time to spray to avoid negative impacts on native pollinators