The orchards program conducts research on hazelnut production in the Willamette Valley. Field activities take place on OSU research farms and private orchards. The program has diverse research projects that involve plant nutrition, soils, entomology, disease management, irrigation, horticulture, and precision agriculture. The objectives of the program are to solve problems affecting hazelnut growers, improve production of hazelnuts in the Willamette Valley through research and Extension, and represent the Oregon’s hazelnut industry as a leader. The orchards program works closely with hazelnut growers, the hazelnut industry office, crop consultants, agricultural product companies, and state and local agencies. The program supports several positions on grant funds alone and annual operational costs are significant. These positions include faculty research assistants, graduate students and undergraduate students. Your support will help us keep serving the hazelnut industry to best of our abilities and we greatly appreciate your consideration.