The Agricultural Research Foundation was established in 1934 to facilitate, encourage, aid, promote, and engage in scientific experimentation and research in all branches of agriculture and related fields including physical, biological, chemical, economic and social aspects for the benefit of the agricultural industry. The foundation is the custodian of private, public, and corporate funding used to support research projects conducted by scientists associated with Oregon State University.

The architects of this foundation envisioned a corporation that would collaborate and work in close partnership with Oregon’s diverse agricultural industries. At their organizational meeting, it was determined, “Sources of revenue and income of this corporation shall be gifts, grants, and voluntary contributions by or with persons, institutions, firms, corporations, organizations, and others connected, affiliated, associated, or collaborating with the Oregon State Agricultural Experiment Station.” With the first contribution of $1000, these visionary pioneers designed a blueprint for success.
A history of the Foundation can be found here.
The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions to the Foundation are deductible and, where applicable, can help accrue tax benefits. As a corporate affiliate of Oregon State University, the foundation is located at 1600 SW Western Blvd., Suite 320 in Corvallis, Oregon.