Today's Foundation directors and officers, like the founders of the organization, are volunteers. Chosen to represent the diverse segments of the state's agricultural industry, they give generously of their time and expertise in setting policy and monitoring research results from Foundation projects. The directors meet annually to review the annual report, analyze Foundation activities of the past year, and plan programs for the next.

  • President - Phillip J. Walker, Salem, Hazelnuts and Cherries
  • Vice President - Ralph Fisher, Sublimity, Grass Seed
  • Vice President - Lance Lyon, Aurora, Nursery Industry
  • Treasurer - Josh Kvidt, Philomath, Banking
  • Secretary - Charlene Wilkinson, ARF


  • Arnold Appleby, Corvallis, Emeritus Agronomist, OSU
  • Robert Bailey, The Dalles, Tree Fruits
  • H. Ronald Cameron, Lake Oswego, Emeritus, Botany and Plant Pathology, OSU
  • Ted Casteel, Salem, Wine Industry
  • Stella Coakley, Corvallis, Emeritus Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, OSU
  • Ralph Fisher, Sublimity, Grass Seed
  • Ron Hathaway, Klamath Falls, Emeritus Extension-Animal Science
  • Mike Hessel, Shedd, Fresh Market Vegetables and Melons
  • Josh Kvidt, Philomath, Banking
  • Ron LeBlanc, Salem, Financial Adviser
  • Elizabeth Levi, Portland, Attorney
  • Lance Lyon, Portland, Nursery Industry
  • Mike Macnab, Portland, Senior Director of Giving, OHSU
  • Pat Malone, Philomath, Christmas Trees
  • Jean McKinney, Wasco, Wheat Rancher
  • Marty Myers, Boardman, Dairy and Crops
  • Logan Norris, Corvallis, Forest Ecology and Management
  • Bryan Ostlund, Salem, Commodity Commissions
  • Fred Postlewait, Newport, Banking
  • Brenda Powell, Corvallis, Retail Nursery and Garden Center
  • Shelly Sorem, Corvallis, CPA
  • Bond Starker, Corvallis, OSU Foundation Liason
  • Ed Stastny, Jr., Malin, Crops
  • Phil Walker, Salem, Hazelnuts and Cherries
  • C.J. (Bud) Weiser, Corvallis, Emeritus Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, OSU


  • Dan Arp, Corvallis, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Bill Boggess, Corvallis, Exec. Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Edward Ray, Corvallis, President, Oregon State University
  • Russ Karow, Executive Director
  • Yanli Zhang, Manager of Finance & Research
  • Charlene Wilkinson, Office Manager
  • Lane Borg, Portland
  • Ellen Egan, Salem
  • Larry Kaseberg, Wasco
  • Ken Messerle, Coos Bay
  • Sam Wade, Lostine
  • Roger Detering, Harrisburg, Tree Fruits
For more information about the Ag Research Foundation, contact:
Russ Karow
Executive Director
Agricultural Research Foundation
Oregon State University
1600 SW Western Blvd., Suite 320
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
Phone (541)737-4066